The most difficult situation is waiting for us? We worried so in the second day from the opening.

As a rule, when everything is ready for spring, the river begins to take summer aspects: A normal amount of water, a steady water temperature over 10 ℃ and a good number of salmon constantly coming upstream.

But in this year those things have never happened smoothly. The lowest temperature in this winter in Norway was minus 30 ℃ The coldest winter they have ever had. Then spring was late in coming.

Limited information from the weather forecast never teaches how salmon will come upstream. Then dreamy anglers expect a lot of salmon to come upstream smoothly. Whether seasonal changes are delayed or advanced, they believe that salmon come upstream for them and bite only their flies.

It is an illusion. Every angler knows but---.

To be honest, we can depend on only our experiences. We have been fishing Gaula for these 17 years. We know the habit of the river much better than inexperienced guides.

Yet we still have a lot of unknown things. That’s salmon fishing!

Well, today’s fishing, or waiting, is over. We hope we can fish tomorrow.

The River Gaula has been filled with snow-melting water today. According to the weather forecast, it will rain tomorrow. We hope that rain water newly pouring into the river will awaken salmon which are waiting at the mouth of the river.

REEL: KS THE HONEYCOMB Salmon II, KS SU Salmon II Burgundy
LINE: DST-12-S Type II, Type III, DSS-12/13-I
FLY: Shimmer Pattern
HOOK: ST4 #4
Weather:Fine and Cloudy
TEMP A: 7-17℃
TEMP W: 4.0-5.5℃
Volume of Water: 390-290m³/sec