Now I can Relax my fly dressing!

(Herbert Pohl)
2002グランプリ・ドレッサー/2002 Grand-Prix Winner of the 10th Ken Sawada Fly Dressing Contest

I am very proud of winning perhaps the most prominent fly tying competition in the world.

I am 51 years old, happily married and have two sons 21 and 24 years old (Moreover, both fly-fishermen and fly tyers). I started my first fishing experiences 30 years ago. A short time later I began to dress my first flies. I've dressed salmon flies for 20 years. It is a pleasure for me to dress the old patterns for salmon flies. That's my way of relaxing!

My biggest problem at the beginning of my fly dressing was the fact that I have not learned the English language. There is not much salmon fly literature in German and so I had to help myself through it all. My flies for the most part have never seen the water, they were only dressed for my own pleasure ( and that of others). Last year salmon fishing in Norway was the first time I caught a grilse, it was of course with a classic "Glenn Grant"!

Enclosed two flies, first the "Silver Magic", a variation of the "Black Magic", and the "Sir Herbert" (in no connection to my first name!).

Now I can relax my fly dressing, without stress for the next competition!



フライを巻き始めた頃、私にとって最大の問題はそれまで英語を習ったことがなかったことでした。ドイツにはほとんど文献もなく、独学せねばなりませんでした。私の巻くフライの大部分は、水を見たことがありません! ただただ自分の楽しみのためだけに巻かれたものです。昨年、サーモンを釣りにノルウェーに行き、初めてグリルスを釣りました。フライはもちろんクラシックパターンの「Glenn Grant」でした。

今回お送りした2本のフライのうち、最初のは題して「Silver Magic」。前回グランプリを獲得した「Black Magic」のバリエーションです。そしてもう一つは「Sir Herbert」。私の名前とは無関係ですけどね!