Don’t Fish No-Fish Spot

Ken Sawada often advises anglers in a slump not to fish the spot without fish or not to keep fishing without catch.

Now we are fishing no-fish spot and keep no-catch fishing.

Today it is rainy and the rain is upsetting rhythm of snow melting which has lasted for a week. Keeping an amount of water of 300m3 without sharp increase or decrease, the river comes to a standstill with rain water flowing into the river. There is no move of fish.

This year’s situation--- long winter, late-coming spring and snow melting mainly after the opening day---is said to be the same as that of 25 years ago. In that year a few fish were caught in the opening day and the next school came upstream on June 20.

By June 20 our fishing will be over!

Well, how can we catch salmon in present situation? It would be the best way to go home and come again but we can not leave for Japan now. All we can do is to wait salmon to come upstream patiently.

Gaula in June is always risky. Especially, at the upper reaches of the river the pool has sometimes no fish, depending on the water amount or salmon’s condition of coming upstream. To avoid the risk, we keep a beat downstream, too.

We think we took the best measure. But there is no salmon downstream, either. People say that every river flowing into Trondheims fjord, including the River Gaula, has the same situation.

We can not go fishing to other rivers, giving up Gaula.

We have made up our mind. We will keep fishing, waiting for salmon to come upstream from the sea as long as we can stay here. We should make our fly drift very carefully in order not to miss a slight chance.

About 7 p.m. I, Mary Anne, felt a gentle pull! The fish did not bite soon and I just waited. When I raised the rod slightly, the salmon ran fast downstream. It ran as far as 100 m. I made the drag a little bit tighter. At next moment, ah, the hook came off.

We think this salmon is the only one in this pool today. A limited number of salmon, low water-temperature of 5℃. It is quite natural that the fish is not eager to bite. Ah, it is too bad.

REEL: KS THE HONEYCOMB Salmon II, KS SU Salmon II Burgundy
LINE: DST-12-S Type II, Type III, DSS-12/13-I
FLY: Shimmer Pattern
HOOK: ST4 #4, XD1 #2
TEMP A: 9-11℃
TEMP W: 4.0-5.5℃
Volume of Water: 310-350m³/sec