Still Waiting

Today the temperature rose to 20 ℃ in the daytime. Probably snow melting was quickened in the mountain. The river suddenly rose in the afternoon.

Although the situation was not still good, moving of salmon was found at the lower reaches of the river and a few of them were caught. If we meet a school of salmon, we will be able to catch some. But luck seems to desert us. That’s salmon fishing, too?

Because cold weather lasted for a few days, salmon staying downstream started coming upstream. Today we were waiting for them at the upper reaches from morning but they did not come to our beat.

In the afternoon we fished around at the lower reaches but could not meet salmon. It depends on good luck whether we come across a single school of salmon. Yesterday we predicted that we could catch after a high tide but it came to nothing as far as there was no salmon staying at the mouth of the river.

We have been waiting for these 8 days. We have not been talking idly on the bank. We keep swinging the fly in the water eagerly every day, waiting for salmon, although we do not know when they will come to us.

Well, we are doing casting practice all the time so hard. For these 8 days we have done as much practice as we usually do in a year. Now we deserve the first prize of the lottery, don’t we?

We thought about a return match or strategies for next year. We took measures to come not at the opening day but the next term, when a school of salmon is expected to be found a lot. We will make a decision after this tour.

In the evening we waited for salmon at the beat of the upper reaches in vain. Warm weather and sudden rain have made the water rise sharply. Tomorrow the river will show us a different face.

REEL: KS THE HONEYCOMB Salmon II, KS SU Salmon II Burgundy
LINE: DST-12-S Type II, Type III, DSS-12/13-I, DST-12-S Intermediate
FLY: Shimmer Pattern
HOOK: ST4 #4, XD1 #2
TEMP A: 8-20℃
TEMP W: 5.0-7.0℃
Volume of Water: 150-250m³/sec