What had Happened Twice----

In early morning a spoon fisherman hooked a salmon at the lower reaches. He cried for help but none of his companions noticed. We dashed to him with the net and landed the fish. It was a salmon of 15.5lb.

Rainy clouds were hanging over the whole area of Gaula from last middle of the night. A gentle rain, although not a heavy rain, kept falling over the river. The river started rising from the noon and the volume of water peaked at 475 m³/sec at 6 p.m. It was the highest from the opening day.

The river has extremely risen. Sudden rise of the water is common in Gaula. The water level becomes higher and higher very quickly while we are fishing, like we see a fast-forwarding video tape. If people are fishing on the sandbank in a relaxed mood, they might be left all alone there.

For these 2 weeks salmon came only to the lower reaches. The number of salmon which came to the upper reaches in last week was too small to fish. A local celebrity smiled and said for a joke that a couple of them came upstream.

While the river is rising, salmon never bite the fly. Worm fishermen, who had only been hot, broke down at high water.

At 8:30 p.m. Ken Sawada hooked a salmon. But hooking was so unstable that we knew from the first that he would miss it after hooking. Actually the hook completely came off during fight.

Ken says that he has never experienced such poor bites in June as this year. Usually in June, high water, the low water temperature, the large fly and the sinking line encourage salmon to bite the fly deeply. But it never happened this year.

Today the salmon bit the fly only slightly again. In addition, when he made the fly drifting to the end and started retrieving the line, the line was pulled as if it were snagged on the bottom. It was too late to do anything.

Usually while the water is rising, salmon pay no attention to the fly. If salmon did not bite the fly, nothing would happen. But today’s salmon happened to bite Ken’s fly by mistake because the fly just passed by its nose.

Which is unlucky, the salmon or the angler who hooked it?

Today we call it a draw.

REEL: KS THE HONEYCOMB Salmon II, KS SU Salmon II Burgundy
LINE: DST-12-S Type II, Type III, Type VI, DSS-12/13-I, DST-12-S Intermediate
FLY: Shimmer Pattern, Rosemary, Black Fairy
HOOK: ST4 #4, XD1 #2
TEMP A: 9-14℃
TEMP W: 6.0-7.0℃
Volume of Water: 280-475m³/sec