Failing in Catch after 4th, 5th Hooking

Yesterday’s high water subsided once but rain fell again. The volume of water peaked at midnight at 580 m³/sec, the highest record from the opening day.

In early morning it fell to 500 m³/sec. We started fishing at the lower reaches, as usual. The bank was covered with the water and willows and grasses were submerged under the water. Fishing space was very limited. Ken walked upstream to start fishing at the most upper reaches of our beat. The road was changed into a small stream. He nearly kicked a salmon! which took refuge on the road.

When the water rises, the river gives anglers a lot of fun. Salmon often take refuge from the muddy water and come near to the bank. They tend to bite the fly while they rest there. Of course it is a story if salmon are there.

We fished along the bank slowly and carefully. Soon Ken hooked a salmon. But it was the same poor hooking as he had got when he had failed in catch after hooking. He knew it would end in the negative result.

Then the river fell and the volume fell to 350 m³/sec. At night when we made the fly drifting along the bank, he got a poor hooking again. He fought for several minutes, trying to put no pressure on the fish, but the hook came off.

Ken hooked 6 times so far and landed one salmon. He missed the other 5 after hooking. Mary Anne got a gentle pull without a bite and missed a salmon after hooking.

Ken Sawada concludes there are some reasons for the negative result. He thought about current, way of fly drifting, fly, hook, hook size, line---. He begins to consider his new strategy for next season.

If he had landed all salmon he had missed after hooking, he would have reached a new tactics of his fishing in such a tough situation. Yes, he has a chance next time.

Tomorrow is the last day. Whatever situation we will be in, more salmon have come into the river than last week. Next week even more school of salmon will come.

REEL: KS THE HONEYCOMB Salmon II, KS SU Salmon II Burgundy
LINE: DST-12-S Type II, Type III, Type VI, Type VI, DSS-12/13-I, DST-12-S Intermediate
FLY: Shimmer Pattern, Rosemary, Black Fairy, Stingray
HOOK: ST4 #4, XD1 #2
TEMP A: 9-12℃
TEMP W: 6.0-7.0℃
Volume of Water: 580-320m³/sec